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3 ways loan officers can connect with real estate agents

In the housing market, loan officers and real estate agents work hand-in-hand to provide buyers a seamless home purchase. Making strong, professional connections is essential in facilitating reliable referrals and collaborative relationships. For loan officers and real estate agents alike, connecting is a reliable way to succeed in the housing market, even when it’s slow.

Here are the top three ways loan officers like yourself can connect with real estate agents:

Make referrals to earn referrals

Referrals drive the real estate business. Strong relationships between all parties in a real estate transaction help improve the quality of customer service and increase business opportunities. When you recommend a good real estate agent to a borrower and they have an excellent buying experience, that reflects well upon you. And if their buyers have a good experience with you, then real estate agents will be more likely to refer more buyers to you as well.

When making referrals, remember to follow RESPA guidelines.

Attend events

Events, both in-person and online, are a great way to connect with real estate agents. Be it conferences, professional networking events, or continuing education courses, networking events allow you to take the time to get to know agents and demonstrate your industry knowledge.

Many lenders attend the home’s closing in case the buyer has final questions, so this can also be a good time to get to know the attending agent. It also strengthens your relationship with the buyer.

Next time you’re at an event, take the time to introduce yourself and have a genuine conversation.

Take advantage of social media

Posting relevant content on your social media pages can help you stay in the forefront of people’s mind. Consistent engagement on your various social profiles lets people get to know you and gain trust.  In addition to writing your own content, share posts from local real estate agents in your network. This will help widen your audience and they will be more likely to share your content in turn. These classic strategies are at the top of the list for a reason. Keep it simple and genuine, stay up to date on industry knowledge, and go network.

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